Unique Frankoma Mule

Anyone know who this little guy is? He's marked Frankoma!

Welcome home Frankoma collectors. As the internet becomes more important in our life it becomes more important to our hobbies also. With my 2012 update of this site you can now check a Frankoma mold number right from the antique mall on your smart phone.  You can review the years of production and look it up in the original catalog.  Yes, you can be an informed collector on the go!
This site started out in 2008 as a Frankoma salt and pepper shaker site. Over time I have added a scan of almost all of the Frankoma catalogs. More recently I added a full mold number index.  My goal now is to cover Frankoma collecting in every aspect.  I will be posting scans of all of the FFCA newsletters as they contain much valuable information.  I will be cross referencing all of the mold numbers to their first instance in a Frankoma catalog.  And I will be linking those mold numbers to photos where possible.
In this regard I need help from other collectors.  I have established a place on this web site under the “Collections” button to post photos of other Frankoma collections.  If you have items you would like to share let me know.   I can post the photos with your name or without, as you choose.
My goal is to make available in one place all of the information Frankoma collectors need to pursue their hobby.

*****A herd of Frankoma bulls.