1952 Frankoma Pottery Catalog

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The 1952 Frankoma catalog offered very little that was new. Other than a few price and typographical changes two things stand out. First, with this catalog Frankoma started offering the Myan-Aztec dinnerware line in white sand glaze. They would continue this until they dropped the whole line as the millenium approached. Second, instead of having a color cover printed on the catalog Frankoma started attaching a color photograph displaying the offered glazes. Frankoma printed the cover photo as a post card so it could be used both ways. Frankoma continued to use this technique through 1955.

The reasons for the use of a color photo are unclear. Some think it was a great marketing move because the colors were better represented. Personally I suspect it was a marketing failure associated with John Frank's involvement with the American Patriot press. Thru 1951 Tulsa Litho printed the catalogs. After 1956 Bowman Printing did the catalogs. In between I suspect that John Frank tried to use the American Patriot press for Frankoma to help keep it busy.

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