1957 Frankoma Catalog

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In 1957, with a recession underway Frankoma doubtless was experiencing a business slow-down. The 1956 catalog was just a re-made 1955 catalog (if indeed they had a 1956 catalog). John Frank had dropped his Myan-Aztec line in the 1955 issue, so Frankoma had not offered that line in a catalog since 1953. Customers were pressing them both for a new catalog and the return of the MA line. The 1957 catalog is a new size being only two-thirds as large as the old ones, and having no color at all. In the cover letter the company apologizes for the new catalog and promises better next year (it did not happen). Clearly the economy was pressuring Frankoma. Nonetheless, the issue re-introduced the Myan-Aztec line and gave the sales force updated and printed information. The prices in the catalog are retail. I have included here the wholesale price list that came with my copy of the catalog and also a cover-letter written by the sales manager and delivered with the catalog.

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