John Frank did specialty and advertising pieces with his pottery from the very early days. Many other souvenir shops put their own stickers and inscriptions on Frankoma items after they left the factory. Here I will only deal with inscriptions applied at the factory. Some will be mold modifications of existing pieces and some will be specially produced shapes.

Frankoma Old Man Shakers glazed prairie greenFrankoma Tiki shakers glazed woodland moss

Turner Turnpike shaker glazed desert goldFrankoma barrel shakers marked OLA 1951

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Frankoma advertising shakers can be divided into two basic categories.  The first group includes those production pieces Frankoma modified as advertising pieces and the second group includes those shapes developed especially for advertising.

John Frank started early on to produce advertising pieces when the chance arose.  Such an order meant a sure sale, and in the early days all sales were welcome.  Of course most of the early advertising did not impact shakers.  The 1934 production of the “Beauceant” #34 and #35 mint bowls and the “Towne Grill” Myan mugs are typical examples. Frankoma did, however, place advertising a two different #45 shakers in the pre-1938 fire period.  In this time frame John Frank also designed the Golden Guernsey line of cream pitchers for advertising.  He would of course later use that design without advertising to make the #93H Guernsey shakers.

Some time in the early 1940’s Frankoma produced a very collectible line of “Old Man” items for use in souvenir shops in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Two salt and pepper shapes appear in that group. In the 1950’s Frankoma not only issued shakers with added advertising inscriptions, they produced two new shapes, the Turner Turnpike and First of Tulsa shakers. In the early 1960’s they added the now elusive Club Trade Winds Tiki shakers.

Frankoma pottery is still in production and advertising items can be ordered so this group is always open to additions.