1957 Celebration Horseshoes glazed desert gold

1957 Celebration Horseshoes glazed clay blue

1957 Celebration Horseshoes glazed prairie green

1957 Celebration Horseshoes glazed turquoise

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1957 Celebration Horseshoes glazed white sand

1957 Celebration Horseshoe group

94HLC: Celebration Horseshoe Shakers:

1957: Type 2C

For the 50th anniversary of Oklahoma statehood Frankoma re-issued the 94HL shape as a special commemorative.  The clay is brick red Sapulpa, the pour holes are still on the front, and the stoppers are natural cork.  For some reason the size is about 10% smaller than the Type 1 horseshoes of 1948-1950.

The inscription is different on the salt than on the pepper. The three-hole shaker has on the face "1907" and the reverse is plain. The four-hole shaker has "1957" on the face and "Oklahoma's Golden Jubilee" on the reverse.

These are somewhat scarce. Available glazes are prairie green, desert gold, white sand, clay blue, turquoise and terra cotta rose.  The turquoise treatment on these (also available on the Teepees to Towers and Wagonwheels sets) is one of the most outstanding glaze jobs in the Frankoma line. The terra cotta rose set is missing from the collection shown here.

A complete description of the Horseshoe shaker types is available in the article I published in the 2008 summer Pot and Puma newsletter, "Collecting the Horseshoe Shakers."