1982 Celebration Horshoes glazed coffee

1982 Celebration Horshoes glazed white sand

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1982 Celebration Horshoes glazed desert gold

1982 Celebration Horshoe group


94HLD: Celebration Horseshoe Shakers:

1982: Type 3C

For Oklahoma’s diamond anniversary celebration Frankoma offered a series of special items including the 94HL shaker with the new mold number 194HLD.  Frankoma re-issued this shape in June of 1981 so it was readily available for the jubilee.  These are the big size like the original Type 1 Ada shakers of 1948-1950.

The commemorative inscription "You're Doin' Fine, Oklahoma, 1907-1982" encircles a "75." The motto appears on the back only and is the same for both the salt and pepper. The only difference between the salt and pepper is the pour holes. Like the other Type 3 horseshoes the 1982 celebration horseshoes have the double diamond S7/P7 on the top.

Although much newer the 1982 celebration horseshoes are just as difficult to find as the 1957 celebration shakers.  All diamond jubilee items were offered in prairie green, desert gold, coffee, white sand, and flame. Missing glazes here are flame and prairie green.