Wagonwheel Shakers glazed clay blue

Wagonwheel Shakers glazed prairie green

Wagonwheel Shakers glazed turquoise

Wagonwheel Shakers glazed desert gold


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Wagonwheel Shakers glazed terra cotta rose

1957 Celebration Wagonwheels group

94HC Celebration Wagonwheels: 1907-1957

Frankoma did a lot to celebrate the first 50 years of statehood for Oklahoma including producing this special design of the popular 94H Wagonwheels salt and pepper set. The lettering task was difficult given the limited amount of space available. I know of no other wagonwheel shaker with factory lettering.

The hub on one side is inscribed “07” and the opposite hub has “57”. The rim on the "07" side is inscribed "Oklahoma" and the opposite rim is inscribed "Semi-Centennial".  Both the salt and pepper are identical except for the dispensing hole pattern. The S/P is the double diamond hole set in use since 1953.

Available glazes are the same as other celebration sets: prairie green, desert gold, white sand, clay blue, turquoise and terra cotta rose. Missing here is a pair in white sand. That glaze is scarce or rare on the early 1940's shakers and here we find it rare again.

Frankoma produced these on the brick red clay in use in 1957. Since they are readily available they make a great marker for the collector to identify the clay in use in the late 1950's.