Teepees to Towers shakers glazed white sand

Teepees to Towers shakers glazed clay blue

Teepees to Towers shakers glazed desert gold

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Teepees to Towers shakers glazed prairie green

Teepees to Towers shakers glazed turquoise

Teepees to Towers shake group

47HTT: Teepees to Towers 1957 Celebration Shakers

      The slogan "Teepees to Towers" was not of Frankoma's making, but it certainly fit into their production effort. I am including here a photo of a souvenir sticker on a #32 bud vase showing that the state of Oklahoma used this slogan for the entire semi-centennial celebration. The sticker even includes a drawing of some teepees and the First of Tulsa bank tower.

In this issue Frankoma brought together their very popular Teepee design with an advertising set produced for the First of Tulsa bank. John Frank introduced the teepee design soon after the fire of 1938. He introduced the #800 First of Tulsa design in the early 1950's. He labeled the set Teepees to Towers and embossed the Teepee with the date 1907 and the Tower with the date 1957.  The tower piece is also embossed "Oklahoma's Golden Jubilee --Teepees to Towers". The teepee piece has no inscription beyond the "1907" date.

The teepee in this set is often confused with the teepee from the 1957 celebration teepee set. The 47HC celebration set has two teepees. The dates are verticle and each piece has an inscription around the base. The 47HTT set has only one teepee. The date is horizontal and the piece has no inscription around the base.

This shaker set is always a good example of Frankoma’s brick red clay coming just two years after the switch from Ada clay was complete. The tower easily chips on the corners and the teepee tips and base edges are vulnerable.