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Early jugs glazed Osage brown.

Early Jugs glazed ivory.

Early jugs glazed prairie green.

Early jug singles.

Early jug shakers glazed royal blue.

Frankoma salt and pepper shaker 86B glazed jade green

Frankoma salt and pepper shaker 86B glazed onyx black.Frankoma Early 86B salt and pepper glazed Fawn.





The Early Jug Shakers #86B: 1938

   The Early Jug Shakers share the same design as a 2 quart jug #86 in the regular Frankoma line and a miniature #554 just like the shaker but with a pour spout.  Like the early Barrels #44H these Jugs also share their name with a later shaker set modeled after a whiskey jug.  I therefore reference them as “Early” Jugs to differentiate the two. 
Schaum lists these as made from 1938-1942 but I cannot confirm the latter date.  The 1942 catalog does not offer this pair of shakers although it does offer the very similar #554 Jug.  The glazes I can document do not include any 1942 only glazes as with the #44’s and the #45’s.  I have yet to see an oval “o” on these also.  These appear in the 1938 catalog only.  A very short production run, possibly only the partial year 1938 before the fire, accounts for the rarity of these.  I believe that Frankoma did not produce this shape after the fire of 1938.
The 86B Jugs are by far the rarest of the Frankoma shakers.  I spent three years actively searching for a pair.  Finally, in the year 2000, I purchased a single pepper in royal blue, and a pair in ivory to complete my set.  I have heard talk of about six pair in the hands of other collectors. I am sure there are more but experience tells me that the 86B is rare.  I have seen a prairie green single, and an onyx pair listed for sale both at prices I could not bring myself to pay.  
Two different pour hole sets seem to be available, a “large” arrangement and a “small” arrangement.  The royal blue and prairie green shakers below are the “large” type.  The rest are of the “small” type.  I find the small hole set most commonly. Another interesting feature of the 86B jugs is the fill hole size.  Almost all Frankoma shakers have a 13mm fill hole.  The 86B’s I have seen vary from 9mm to 13mm.  Perhaps these were made at the very beginning when Frankoma was deciding just how big the fill hole should be.  It is certainly a slow and precise process to fill a large shaker like these through a 9mm hole!