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Gracetone shakers glazed cinnamon

Gracetone shakers glazed pink champagne

Gracetone Orbit shaker group

Orbit #2H Shakers: 1957-1962

One could argue that Gracetone Pottery shakers should not be in this collection of Frankoma shakers. Since John Frank, however, designed the Orbit dinnerware line and owned Gracetone when these were made I have included them.

Frankoma purchased Synar Ceramics in 1957 and converted the plant to produce in the Frankoma manner. John Frank designed the all new Orbit dinnerware pattern for the new venture, but also brought in many existing Frankoma items. He produced Orbit in four glazes, cinnamon and pink champagne shown here, and aqua and gunmetal, not shown. Orbit shakers are graceful and large fitting comfortably in the hand. The design is durable so the collector encounters very little damage. The pour hole pattern is a standard 3/2 set with no variation that I have seen.

The Gracetone venture lasted only until 1962 when J. C. Taylor took over the plant and John Frank retreated to Sapulpa. With so few production years the Gracetone orbit shakers are most difficult to find. I have only seen one set in aqua, but have never seen a gunmetal set.