Frankoma scalloped shakers glazed white sand

Frankoma scalloped shakers glazed brown satin

Frankoma scalloped shakers glazed woodland moss

Frankoma scalloped shaker group

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Scalloped shakers glazed onyx black

Frankoma scalloped shakers glazed desert gold

Frankoma scalloped shakers glazed flame

Frankoma scalloped shakers glazed prairie green

 Scalloped Shakers #25H: 1968-1974

   This is a stove top sized shaker design which is part of the #25 canister set.  Frankoma introduced the four-piece canister set in 1960.  In 1968 they added a grease canister 25G and the 25H shaker pair.  Production of the shape ceased in 1974 giving this shaker shape only six years of production.  The scalloped shaker production  nevertheless spans an era of major changes.

On the one hand we have the 1970 change in the rutile glazes when the American mines closed and Frankoma substituted foreign rutile. The result was a “washing out” of the rutile based glaze colors.  On the other hand we have the clay change of 1974 making some of the last issues on pink clay although most will be red clay.  Frankoma also started to glaze the bottoms of all their shakers about 1969, but because of the design the scalloped shaker shape was not impacted.

These shakers are not common by any means.  I had worked on my collection for over a year before it dawned on me that the design existed and another year passed before I bought my first pair.  The flame glaze is the easiest to collect which is unusual since that glaze costs 50% more than all of the other glazes in the catalogs of the day.

The Scalloped shakers are universally unmarked since the scallops run around the base leaving no area to place a mark.  Damage is not much of a factor because of the smooth design although it is common in the stove-top shakers to have heat damage to the glaze.  This is usually apparent as a crazing in the glaze.
These shakers should be available in the following glazes:  white sand, onyx black, prairie green, desert gold, brown satin, woodland moss, peach glow, flame, and coffee.