Colorworks Stove Top shakers glazed cabernet

Colorworks Stove Top Shakers glazed bone

Colorworks Stove Top shakers glazed forest green

Colorworks stove top shakers glazed plum

Colorworks stovetop yellow

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Colorworks Stove Top shakers glazed bone

Colorworks Stove Top shakers glazed cabernet

Colorworks stove top shakers glazed onyx black

Colorworks stovetop pepper glazed navy

Colorworks Stove Top shaker group

Color Works Stove Top Shakers:

270(370)H, 1995-SA

Frankoma introduced this shaker shape in the mid-1990's and it is still available. The 1995 catalog is the first advertising of them that I have. The shape is not in the 1992 catalog and I do not have the 1993 and 1994 catalogs. The Stove Tops are still available (12/2008) on-line.

The mold number on this shape is most confusing. The shakers are clearly marked "270" on the base under the glaze, but the catalogs and the on-line store all list the mold number as "370". Because it is molded in the clay I have chosen to use the "270" for now.

The naming of this shape is also confusing. Both this shaker #270 and the smaller cylindrical shaker #309 are called colorworks in the catalogs, a name that encompasses a full dinnerware line. This 270 shaker is "Colorworks Stove Top" and the 309 shaker is "Colorworks Table Top".

Most of the Stove Tops have "Salt" and "Pepper" on the side in high definition raised letters. Some, however, are plain, and some have advertising. The plain sided shaker can have a hand-painted fruit motif or a decal selection on the side.

These are big shakers and when full of salt they are heavy. The big handle is convenient for the cook! I expect also that the condiments would flow freely. The salt has 12 pour holes and the pepper has 11. Also the "P's" are all upside down, that is the stem points toward the handle. That is the opposite of historical Frankoma production.

I have found these in surprisingly few different glaze colors.