Native American shakers glazed teal

Frankoma Native American shakers glazed onyx black.

Frankoma pumpkin group

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Frankoma pumpkin shakers glazed orange

309 Native American shakers: 1993-1995

PK30 Pumpkin Shakers: 1993-1995

This is a catchall group. The dates in the heading are only estimates. When I originally sorted my Ranch and Native American shakers I was surprised to find I only had one pair of the latter! Now I have added a couple more.

A quick run through the catalogs indicates Frankoma originallyy used teal and bone glazes on these so I am looking for a pair glazed bone. Since the Ranch shakers are much more plentiful I am guessing that the Native American shakers were only made for a couple of years. The ranch shakers are still available on line (12/2008).

Frankoma introduced the Native American line and the Pumpkin grouping in their 1992 catalog, but without shakers. I believe that they introduced the shakers for both the following year.

The pumpkin shakers have turned out to be very rare for a newer design. Again, I believe Frankoma produced them for only a couple of years.