Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed navy

Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed white

Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed bone

Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed forest green

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Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed black

Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed flame

Frankoma Ranch shakers glazed sage

Frankoma Ranch shaker group

Ranch Shakers: 1993-SA

Frankoma introduced this popular dinnerware design in 1992 although that catalog offered no ranch salt and pepper shakers. The shakers are offered in the 1995 price list but I believe the year of introduction is 1993. Frankoma introduced both the navy and the bone glazes in that year.

While this design is made much like the famous Frankoma wagonwheels shaker it is somewhat taller and has a much greater volume. Commonly called "cattlebrands" this design features the famous King ranch "running w" brand, along with others. The opposite side has a longhorn motif.

Most recent production has the King ranch brand replaced with a new Frankoma brand, an "FP" in a horseshoe. The King ranch has been aggressively marketing its brand for several years now. I suppose that Frankoma was using it for free and was forced to stop. Ranch shakers are offered on-line (Jan 2009) in black and navy with the new FP cattlebrand.

The design work is done with the high definition molding technique introduced by Frankoma in the early 1990's. In this process the green ware is taken from the high definition mold, cured, then fired. After firing the object is fully glazed. Then a worker uses a small surface grinder to remove the glaze from the high spots. When the piece is again fired the high parts have a terra cotta finish.