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The 1955 Frankoma catalog is the easiest to acquire of the pre-1960 issues. It is unique among the post-1938 fire catalogs in that both the prior and following year saw no new catalog. Apparently Frankoma used the 1953 catalog in 1954 and used the 1955 catalog in 1956. The catalog itself is not dated, but the back page features the new "serva-tray" creation award of 1955. The catlog may have been used in 1956 also, but not in 1954.

The photo on the cover is a color photograph glued to the front of a black-and-white catalog. The photograph is in fact a postcard. I have included a scan, #20, showing this. Not all 1955 catalogs have this photo. The photo shows the six standard glazes for the year: prairie green, desert gold, onyx black, white sand, clay blue, and red bud.

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