Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed silversage

Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed celedon green

Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed jade green

Frankoma Advertising shaker group

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Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed sorghum brown

Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed white sand

Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed cabernet

Frankoma Advertising shakers glazed white sand

Miscellaneous Advertising Shakers

This catch-all group is headlined by the First of Tulsa Shakers. Frankoma issued these in 1950* to herald the opening of a downtown skyscraper housing the First National Bank of Tulsa. That edifice is still standing but it is somewhat dwarfed and outnumbered by later constructions.

Although Frankoma used this shape in the Teepees to Towers celebration set the main claim to fame of the First of Tulsa shakers is the striking celedon green glaze. Different from other Frankoma glazes one might wonder why Frankoma never used it on regular issues. The answer is simple. Look closely and you will see that celedon crazes. That trait John Frank could barely tolerate.**

In the Norman period John Frank used the #45 Modern shape for advertising but I have had little luck finding the advertising sources. In more recent times Frankoma has made extensive use of decals. Some of those appear to be advertising although I believe the decals are more of a Frankoma marketing technique. The milk can shakers of the millenium group proved to be useful for decal application.

The high definition lettering technique Frankoma introduced in the 1990's is well suited to advertising and souvenir pieces. Frankoma still makes a large number of special order pieces with this technique, some of which end up on salt and pepper shakers.

*I assume Frankoma issued these in 1950. That is the year of completion for the building.

**He tolerated crazing in the Norman and early post-fire period with the ivory glaze, but changed to white sand about 1942. Later he tolerated it on flame because of market demand for a bright red glaze.