Tiki God shakers glazed desert gold

Tiki God shakers glazed onyx black

Tiki God shakers glazed prairie green and woodland moss

Tiki God shaker group

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Tiki God shakers glazed woodland moss

Tiki God shakers glazed flame

Tiki God shaker heights compared

Tiki God shakers with friends

Club Trade Winds

Tiki God Shakers #T5: 1962-1964

      In 1962 Club Trade Winds, then a new supper club in Tulsa, commissioned Frankoma to produce a series of serving items with a Polynesian theme. Joniece Frank, with the help of John Frank on two items, designed a group of 12 items including these Tiki God shakers.  The original order for the salt and pepper sets was for 120 pair glazed in woodland moss. 

The name “Trade Winds” appears on the back of each between the shoulder blades.  These are now hopelessly rare. Some time later an unknown number of unmarked shakers were issued in other glazes.  The “Trade Winds” marked Tiki’s are by far more difficult than the unmarked ones.  All are, however, very rare.   Height is 5”.

After about 2005 Collector demand spiked up sharply when the general world of “Tiki” collectors discovered these little gems.  Prices doubled and tripled overnight.   Most of these shakers have the pour holes in-line running from front to back.  The flame set below and the flame set displayed in the Frank home in Sapulpa have the holes running sideways. I believe the flame Tikis are associated with a "Sweetheart's Luau" widow maker mug T4S. Frankoma produced this as a limited issue in 1969. The mug is the same flame glaze as the Tiki shakers.