Cannon Ball shakers glazed Indian blue

Cannon Ball shakers glazed onyx

Cannon Ball shakers glazed royal blue


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Cannon Ball shakers glazed prairie green

Cannon Ball shakers glazed dusty rose

Cannon Balls shaker group

Cannon Ball Shakers #40H: 1942

      The 40H Cannon Balls are in the second level of difficulty for collectors after the #86B Jugs.  While these are most difficult to find they are almost impossible to find in glazes other than prairie green.  As with other difficult issues from this period the various blue glazes, and especially Indian blue are the easiest to find after prairie green.  The very small base leaves little room for marks and I have seen none marked.   Note that the number of pour holes varies for both the salt and the pepper although S7/P7 seems to be the intended standard.

The 1942 catalog labels these “Cannon Ball salt and peppers.”  The literature generally and Schaum specifically refer to these as “Monogram Shakers”, presumably because of the raised lettering for the S & P.   One Indian blue pair I have supports the “Monogram” name.  The pair is embossed with D/D instead of S/P.  One shaker has eight holes and one has six. I nonetheless continue to use the catalog name “Cannon Ball.”  These shakers are most difficult to damage because of the round shape.