Elephants glazed Indian blue

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Post-1938 Shakers with short production runs.

  During World War II American consumers no longer had access to imported miniatures from Japan and the Orient.  Many American potteries, Frankoma among them, introduced lines of miniatures to supply the public with knick-knacks and other small items.  Frankoma produced an extensive line of miniatures and collecting them is the goal of many collectors.  

Frankoma produced as miniatures, with the exception of the #40H cannon balls, all of the shakers in this group. Frankoma introduced ten non-dinnerware shaker shapes in the early 1940’s.  Six of those shapes really stand out because they are short-run issues.  After about 1944 no more were made.  Add that to the use of several short-run glaze colors and the unique and lovable designs of the # 160H Elephants and the #166H Bulls and one has a most collectable group!