Guernsey shakers glazed dusty rose

Guernsey shakers glazed fawn brown

Guernsey shakers glazed Indian blue

Guernsey shaker glazed ivory

Guernsey shakers glazed onyx black

Guernsey shakers glazed Osage brown

Guernsey shakers glazed prairie green

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Guernsey shakers glazed royal blue

Guernsey shakers glazed silversage

Guernsey shaker glazed sky blue

Guernsey shaker glazed turquoise

Guernsey shakers glazed white sand

Guernsey shakers glazed matte yellow

Guernsey shakers glazed light matte yellow

A group of Guernseys

Guernsey Shakers #93H: 1942

The #93H Guernsey shakers are modeled after a group of pitchers and creamers produced in the Norman period for the Golden Guernsey dairy farm.  Frankoma produced a look-a-like miniature pitcher #550 from 1940-1964, but the salt and peppers were produced in the 1942 period only.

Several of the examples I have seen have an impressed “93H” on the base which represent one of the earliest uses of the mold number on a Frankoma piece.  I have seen no examples that have the Frankoma mark impressed.  The use of the “93H” mark and the lack of the impressed “Frankoma” mark might indicate that the Guernseys are of slightly later production than the other shapes in this group.  The ones that show “93H” frequently have been almost rubbed out in the sponging process and thus are quite faint.  A majority, however, have surviving marks.

This shape seems to be sturdy and has few exposed tips or points that are easily damaged. The spout will, however, occasionally sustain damage.  The group of shakers shown below that have 9 holes is an interesting group for me.  I believe because of the consistency and placement of the holes these are all produced by the same person.