Ball shakers glazed dusty rose

Ball shakers glazed Indian blue

Ball shakers glazed ivory

Ball shakers glazed royal blue

Ball shakers glazed silver sage

Ball shakers glazed onyx black.

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Ball shakers embossed White River

Ball shakers embossed Lost Mtn.

Ball shaker glazed turquoise

Ball shaker with factory repair

Ball shakers in a group

Cannon ball shakers glazed rosetone

Ball Shakers #87H: 1942 only.

     The #87H ball shakers are in the second level of difficulty for collectors and like the cannonballs are even more difficult in glazes other than prairie green.  Base markings on this shape are uncommon since there is no flat spot to mark.  I have encountered only one ball shaker set with the small oval “o” mark and another set with the ink stamped “Made in Oklahoma USA” mark.

The typical pour hole pattern is an “S” and a “P”, but the lettering is inconsistent.  Apparently workers at this time had considerable freedom to hand-punch the holes. I have seen none of these with the upside down “P” as with the snails and Guernseys, but I assume they exist. This set is resistant to damage but when it happens the results are severe—the handle breaks off! 

Frankoma made a four piece batter set to accompany these. The group makes a really showy display. The set includes the #87 batter, the #87D syrup and the #87A and #87B cream and sugar. Frankoma made these additional items for a number of years so they are easier to acquire than the shakers.