Frankoma Mold Number Index

This index will enable you to identify your Frankoma Pottery if you know the mold number.  Many pieces have the mold number on the base, but older pieces and many newer small pieces have no mold number. Clicking on the mold number will take you to the first entry of a given piece in the Frankoma catalog.  Clicking the links to the right of the date will take you to other photos if they are available on this site.  Numbers followed by an “*” are not Frankoma mold numbers, but numbers assigned by Gary Schaum in his book Frankoma Pottery.  The Frankoma factory reproduced some items for a private dealer in 1996, and these are marked “**”.

Mold Description Yrs. Lnk Lnk Lnk Notes
4A Creamer, 8 oz. 53-       Lazybone Dinnerware, Issued 1953
4B Sugar, with lid 53-        
4C Cup 53-        
4D Pitcher, 2 qut. 53-        
4E Saucer, 5" 53-        
4F Plate, 10" 53-        
4G Plate, 7" 53-        
4H Salt and Pepper 53-       One Piece
4K Butter dish, with lid 53-       Shown with Wagon Wheels & Plainsman in 1955
4M Mug, 16 oz. 53-        
4N Bowl, 24 Oz. 53-        
4P Platter, 13" 53-        
4QD Bow, divided, 11" 57-        
4S Bone Dish 53-70        
4SC Soup Cup, 11 oz. 68-        
4V Baker, 2 qt. 53-        
4W Baker, 3 qt. 53-        
4WL Baker, 5 qt. 60-        
4X Bowl, cereal, 14 oz. 53-        
4XL Bowl, salad, 24 oz. 66-        
4XU Bowl with lid, 16 oz. 53-        
4Y Spoon Rest 57-        
4Z Bowl, Salad 6" 53-79