Frankoma Mold Number Index

This index will enable you to identify your Frankoma Pottery if you know the mold number.  Many pieces have the mold number on the base, but older pieces and many newer small pieces have no mold number. Clicking on the mold number will take you to the first entry of a given piece in the Frankoma catalog.  Clicking the links to the right of the date will take you to other photos if they are available on this site.  Numbers followed by an “*” are not Frankoma mold numbers, but numbers assigned by Gary Schaum in his book Frankoma Pottery.  The Frankoma factory reproduced some items for a private dealer in 1996, and these are marked “**”.

Mold Description Yrs. Lnk Lnk Lnk Notes
T1 Tumbler, 1 qt. 60's       Club Trade Winds, ultra rare
T2 Tumbler, bamboo 62-73        
T3 Vase, war god, 12 oz 63-       This is T3S war god finally put in line, not in catalog 1964
T4 Mug, widow maker 60's        
T5 S/P, tiki god 60's        
T6 Bowl, 3 tiki gods 60's        
T7 Bowl, coconut 60's        
T8 Ashtray, fish 60's        
T9 Shell, 7" 62-86        
T9T Shell, 7", white lining 62-64        
T10 Shell, 13.5" 62-66, 74-79       Offered with hanging strap in 1974 catalog
T10T Shell, 13.5", white lining 62-64        
T11 Tray, palm leaf 62-67        
T12 Pitcher, bird of paradise 60's        
TISP Sugar pack holder 89-        
T7LT Patio light, 5" 1988        
T7SP Pot, simmer 4.5" 88-        
TEX-1 Plate, Texas State 73-76, 1980 1980      
TP Oval Platter, 17" 1980        
TST Trivet, Texas 7.5"          
TTH S/P, Turner turnpike 53-57       Never in catalogs.
TXBP Bake Pan, Texas 11" 88-        
TXBPRD Relish Dish, Texas 11" 89-        
TXPBCD Chip and Dip, Texas 11" 89-        
TXJ Toothpick holder, Texas 3" 89-        
UCTR Trivet, unicorn 83-88        
V-1 Collector Series Vase 1969        
V-2 Collector Series Vase 1970        
V-3 Collector Series Vase 1971        
V-4 Collector Series Vase 1972        
V-5 Collector Series Vase 1973        
V-6 Collector Series Vase 1974        
V-7 Collector Series Vase 1975        
V-8 Collector Series Vase 1976        
V-9 Collector Series Vase 1977        
V-10B Collector Series Vase 1978       Glazed Morning Glory Blue
V-10C Collector Series Vase 1978       Glazed Coffee
V-11B Collector Series Vase 1979       Glazed Morning Glory Blue
V-11C Collector Series Vase 1979       Glazed Coffee
V-12 Collector Series Vase 1980        
V-13 Collector Series Vase 1981        
V-14 Collector Series Vase 1982        
V-14-2 1982 Vase Reissued 83-88 1986     Not numbered. "Second Edition" on bottom.
V-15 Collector Series Vase 1983        
WA1 Warmer, 8" 67-        
WA2 Warmer 72-73        
WA3 Warmer, 6" 82-        
WBTR Trivet, white buffalo 88-91        
W1 Wind chime, 5" 66-83       Not in catalog 1968. Listed as new item in 1980 catalog showing 3.5". 1984-85, pictured but not available.

Wind chime, 3.5"

66-83       Not in catalog 1968. Listed as new item in 1980 catalog showing 5". 1984-85, pictured but not available.
W3 Wind chime, 5" 66-67        
W4 Wind chime, 3.5" 66-67        
W5 Wind chime, owl 7" 80-83       1984-85, pictured but not available
WR-1 Will Rogers Plate 80-82        
X1 Jar, mustard          
X2 Jar, relish          
X3 Jar, vinegar          
X4 Jar, catsup          
X5 Jar, oil          
X6 Jar, bar-b-q          
XO Bowl, single serving 80-91        
ZTR Trivet, Zodiac 71-76