Frankoma Mold Number Index

This index will enable you to identify your Frankoma Pottery if you know the mold number.  Many pieces have the mold number on the base, but older pieces and many newer small pieces have no mold number. Clicking on the mold number will take you to the first entry of a given piece in the Frankoma catalog.  Clicking the links to the right of the date will take you to other photos if they are available on this site.  Numbers followed by an “*” are not Frankoma mold numbers, but numbers assigned by Gary Schaum in his book Frankoma Pottery.  The Frankoma factory reproduced some items for a private dealer in 1996, and these are marked “**”.

Mold Description Yrs. Lnk Lnk Lnk Notes
200 Deer on base          
201 Deer on base          
202 Deer, small          
203 Deer, large          
204 Deer          
205 Terrier          
206 Hound          
207 Pointer          
208 Elephant          
209 Coyote          
210 Mare and Colt          
211 Circus Horse          
213 Swan, mini          
215 Squirrel          
216 Squirrel on Limb          
230 Madonna          
231 Madonna          
231B Madonna planter          
233 Madonna          
300 Pot          
300S Pot with saucer          
301 Pot          
301S Pot with saucer          
302 Pot          
302S Pot with saucer          
304 Planter          
305 Planter          
306 Planter, square          
307 Planter, shell          
315 Planter          
315S Planter with saucer          
316 Planter          
317 Planter          
318 Planter          
331 Bowl, pedestalled          
332 Planter          
333 Vase, pedestalled          
334 Vase, pedestalled          
335 Pitcher          
340 Vase, tall, 9.5"          
341 Vase, pedestalled          
342 Planter          
342A Planter, pedestalled          
345 Pitcher          
  Christmas Card 1960